Lescure commitment

an authentic terroir

a unique characterProduced uniquely in the Poitou - Charentes region, Lescure butter extracts its flavour from the land. Soils which are packed full of flavour, history and traditions, with a strong yet infintely generous character.

Heir to a deeply-embedded winemaking tradition, this land has, for centuries, been lending the wines great complexity. Behind these rich aromas: the variety of its soils and landscapes, with land and sea, plains, hillsides and countryside with small fields and hedges.
Its geographical location and characteristics made it ideal for rearing dairy cows. It provides an abundance of fodder, which is rich in nutrients and full of flavour, enabling them to produce milk whose quality is unique. Over time, mankind has learnt to make a widely-recognized butter which was awarded the precious PDO label.
This land has always given its character to its products. It can be found every day in Lescure butter.

unrivalled quality

the magnificence of great butterIn 1884, at the château de Claix, Baron Lescure came up with an audacious project: to concentrate all the character of his land into one unique product. He built a dairy, collected the best milk and created exceptional butter. A treasure to which he gave his name.

Lescure butter is the fruit of ancestral expertise. Seemingly simple techniques, which are perfectly mastered. Attention to detail is constant. Years of experience and everlasting passion. A love for the product which burns strongly every day.

It is produced by blending milk from its PDO area and a selection of specific lactic ferments, which guarantee its flavour and smoothness. It is made like a grand cru, with patience and respect. Sixteen hours of biological maturing are observed in order for the cream to develop its flavours. Churning in a very precise manner is then undertaken. After which it is sniffed, tasted, worked and even tested with croissants, under the watchful eye of the Butter Master… Nothing is left to chance, not even its texture on the palate. It undergoes regular organoleptic tests imposed by the Charentes-Poitou PDO specifications. Only when it is deemed to be perfect will it be wrapped, just before being delivered.
Its greatness results from it being looked after every step of the way.

committed to artisans

butter committed to qualityWith its subtle aromas and unique organoleptic properties, Lescure butter elevates all recipes and works wonders with puff pastry.
It also represents invaluable quality in the eyes of your customers… Who are increasingly concerned about the origin of the food they consume, they yearn to once again find the taste "of good things", simplicity. They are moving towards more authentic choices, finding out about the history of products and the way in which they are made. Stating that you use Charentes-Poitou PDO butter is reassuring… And convinces them that they have made a quality choice!

The heir to ancestral expertise, the Lescure brand understands and supports artisan bakers/pastry chefs in their everyday lives. At a time when industrial production is posing a real threat to the home-made alternative, Lescure is committed to working alongside you to showcase your artisan expertise.
Lescure is with you every day in your business, providing you with the keys with which to enhance your products, with a magazine and numerous tools.

The brand does everything in its power to ensure the pride of those who make this butter is transmitted to those who use it… And contributes to the pleasure of those who consume it!