Our people

a human story

They farm, produce or manufacture, and here testify their commitment to the brand.
They are all inspired by a love of tradition and their profession.

Sylvain is a passionate
farmer and producer.

He produces his own fodder on his land to give the very best to his cows and produce exceptional milk. He tells us why he chose this profession, how he has seen his herd expand and his production increase. And his commitment to adhere to the strict specifications required for producing PDO milk all year round.


A Butter Master for the Lescure brand, Séverine knows her product by heart. She is in full control of its quality and ensures it remains consistent throughout the year.
She tells us about the characteristics of Charentes-Poitou PDO, the manufacturing processes of Lescure and Surgères butters and their unique organoleptic qualities…

Maëlig Georgelin
& Dominique Saibron

Maëlig Georgelin, baker and pastry chef in Etel and Auray, and Dominique Saibron, baker and pastry chef in Paris, explain why they chose Lescure butter and their commitment to the brand.

Maëlig came across Lescure butter when looking for a new butter for his croissants. He blind tested ten in his traditional recipe… The team unanimously chose Lescure butter! The winning argument: taste first and foremost but also its ease of use.

Dominique has been working with Lescure butter for almost 20 years. What does he appreciate most? Its unique aromas, its good length on the palate, which it imparts to all freshly baked pastries.

They both know that to make good products, good ingredients are essential. And appreciate the fact that this butter shares their values.

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