It was created with an aim

Behind an exceptional product, there is always a noble and pure aim.

Perpetuating expertise, safeguarding tradition to produce extraordinary butter, as nature intended: such was the aim of Baron Lescure who, in 1884 at the Château de Claix, created the butter which still bears his name today… A grand design from which the Surgères butter-producing dairy was also born in 1889.

It is the focus of attention

to detail. Essential! The quality of the fodder, the temperature of the milk, the maturing time of the cream… The attention paid to each detail is what makes this butter so unique.

It creates feeling

A technique in which one can trust. A combination of perfect knowledge of the raw material, top-notch expertise; experience, forged over many years, without forgetting sensitivity. It cannot be taught but can be developed. It gives the butter some of its flavour.

It is a source of pride

Pride. For over 120 years.
Representing a terroir, a precious heritage. Playing a role in the creations of some of the greatest and sometimes even providing inspiration… Helping to make them proud.

It is exceptional

Promoting a terroir, and developing expertise, dedicated to excellence, to produce unique butter. Exceptional butter.

PDO: a hallmark of quality

The result of a unique terroir and the use of traditional production techniques, Lescure and Surgères butters have both been awarded the prized Charentes-Poitou PDO label.
A guarantee of quality!
Learn more about the characteristics of this label.