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The recipes

To help craftsmen stand out from the crowd and feed their creativity, Lescure has created a range of exclusive recipes which are simple and easy to make. Innovative and inspiring flavours will surprise customers and leave them with a lasting impression. Visibility will also increase thanks to the quality of the products…

The signature magazine

To provide craftsmen with support to increase the appreciation of their expertise, and help them stand out from the crowd, Lescure has created the Signature magazine. Created by bakers and pastry chefs, for bakers and pastry chefs, it explains current trends and gives pointers on how to make them your own. It includes recipes and tools for ensuring your customers remain loyal year round. But also testimonials and interviews, in which recognized artisans share the secrets of their success.
Everything you need to showcase your talent thanks to exceptional butter…

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With the new Twist recipe, Lescure continues its commitment to defend your artisanal know-how. Differentiate your offer from the competition and claim the home-made with this new emblematic creation that you can decline according to your inspiration.


Chefs of La Maison de l'Excellence Savencia support all professionals and transmit their expertise on a daily basis. Techniques, recipes and tips to broaden skill bases: fun encounters during which you can exchange ideas with those who share the same passion, whisking up new concepts and making our professions flourish.

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