Our commitments Promoting home-made products

Celebrating quality

Producing a PDO butter is already a committed choice reflecting respect for the land, people and tradition, and a love for good products and work well done. Lescure butter is the work of passionate people. It embodies a quality that is precious to all. Mounting concerns regarding the origin of food drive us all to rediscover the joys of good products and simplicity.

Lescure supports consumers and artisans in making more authentic choices that value the history of products and the way they are processed.

When artisans show that they use Charentes-Poitou PDO butter by Lescure, this is a guarantee of quality.

Promoting artisanal expertise

We work every day to protect trades, knowledge, expertise and flavours. A precious heritage to be perpetuated. We are committed to working alongside artisans to advance their artisanal skills and promote home-made products: in-store communication with consumers, training and inspiration with our chefs from la Maison de l'Excellence, sponsorship of events, and partnerships with leading chefs. We do our utmost to ensure the pride of our butter makers is passed on to those who use it, and enhances the pleasure of those who taste it!

Supporting the local economy

With its Charentes-Poitou PDO butter, Lescure relies on nearly 3,500 milk farmers and contributes to the sustainability of their farms. We are proud to be able to contribute to the region’s dynamic momentum! Producing locally allows us to limit our environmental impact by limiting the impact of transporting the cream and even the salt crystals used, which are harvested in the PDO area: in Charente-Maritime, on the Ile de Ré, 60 kilometres as the crow flies from our production site.

Keep it simple

Our Lescure butter has always been a raw, unprocessed product: only the best milk, natural lactic ferments, patience, and a lot of expertise. Simple and healthy!