Lescure an exceptional butter

The story behind Lescure

In 1884, Baron Léon Lescure founded one of the first butter factories in the Charente region of France. Milk from surrounding farms was processed in keeping with ancestral expertise: a perfectly mastered technique, and attention to detail with every step. Lescure butter was born! It won a gold medal at the 1890 World’s Fair in Paris, becoming the “First Butter in Charente” whose quality was recognised by an international award.

The product of an exceptional terroir

Lescure butter expresses the character of its native Charentes-Poitou region. The generous soil produces nutrient-rich fodder, which instils the milk and butter with all its flavour. Maize is added to the cows’ feed: it gives the milk a regular fat composition throughout the year and guarantees the consistency of Lescure butter.

Inherited from its native land, the inimitable flavour of Charentes-Poitou butter has made it famous all around the world. It was Charentes-Poitou butter that first received Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) certification.

A butter that takes its time

This butter’s other secret is time. The hours devoted to its preparation, and the patience required to achieve superior quality. The master butter maker skilfully measures and adds carefully selected natural lactic ferments to the cream, which is left to rest for a minimum of 16 hours: this slow maturation allows it to develop unique aromas. The cream is then churned until it forms a smooth, thick substance: butter. Derived from traditional expertise, this organic maturation gives Lescure butter its delicate taste and subtle hazelnut note.

Quality butter

Lescure butter has long been recognised by artisan bakers, pastry chefs and executive chefs who strive to use authentic products. Its consistency, its inimitable hazelnut taste, and its exceptional plasticity make it the preferred butter of demanding artisans. This butter enhances sweet and savoury creations alike, but also bursts with flavour spread on a simple slice of fresh bread... It is a delicious invitation to a delectable moment!