Defending traditional know-how
  • Silver prize for Lescure, PDO Charentes-Poitou Unsalted Mini-butters and butter Rolls !
  • Lescure, the committed sponsor of the French Bakery Cup:
  • Celebrate the Moon Festival with our twist recipe- by Joaquin Soriano
The brand

In 1884, Baron Léon Lescure founded one of the first butter factories in the Charente region of France. Milk from surrounding farms was processed in keeping with ancestral expertise: a perfectly mastered technique, and attention to detail with every step.

Your services

Access professional services designed and developed by partner Chefs and Artisans.

Exceptional products

Authenticity and character: all the flavour of their terroir can be found in Lescure products.

Our commitments

Producing a PDO butter is already a committed choice reflecting respect for the land, people and tradition, and a love for good products and work well done. Lescure butter is the work of passionate people. It embodies a quality that is precious to all.