Bakery World Cup: the results

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Ten nations were competing in the Bakery World Cup on January 20th and 21st at the SIRHA Europain in Paris.

France, Germany, China, Chile, South Korea, Greece, Japan, Madagascar, Morocco and Mexico were all vying for the precious title of world champion.
The teams, each composed of 3 candidates, competed in 4 events: "baguette and bread of the world", "Viennese pastries", "bakery catering" and "artistic piece" based on the theme of sporting events.
The jury, chaired by Craig Ponsford, assessed the bakers' technical know-how as well as their artistic mastery and announced the following podium:

🥇France (Franck Fortier, Fabien Nolay, Xavier Sacriste, coached by Grégoire Bardet)

🥈South Korea (Jae Ung Lee, Hwan Bok Ko, Kyong Moo Lee, coached by Yong Joo Park)

🥉Japan (Tomohiro Goda, Keisuke Hotta, Seigo Umetani, coached by Hisato Chayama)

The French team thus succeeds the award-winning Chinese Taipei team in 2022, with an artistic piece on the theme of fencing.

Congratulations to all the participants for their fine creations and hard work. Lescure, premium partner of the Bakery World Cup, is proud to have accompanied the competitors in this wonderful adventure tinged with team spirit, emotion and love of the profession.

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