Chef William Woo Interview

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It’s the first time a customer comes to The Bakehaus. What are the must-orders?


It’s always the viennoiseries ! Generally we will always push for 3 items, the classical things like : croissant, pain au chocolat and also the escargot (pain au raisin). 

What kick-started the Bakehaus project?

The team and myself were running a school and the school had to close because our tenancy was done. I wanted to find something for the team to do and this is how we were looking for place to start a bakery.

We have actually 3 simple concepts. Main thing is the retail, we have a small wholesale B to B, and a school to share and build up the community.

"Instagram has changed the way Singaporeans choose their food”. What are your thoughts on this statement?

To certain level yes, we are more social media savy, Instagram is actually where a lot of people start to look for a lot of different types of food experiences.  

Instagram in a way does help and also convince people to come and try.

If you have social media presence, chances of doing sales is much better.

We get enquiries from IG and facebook

What is your favourite recipe?

I like to do a lot of Rustique Sourdough, beside that I also like to play around with different ways of making croissant, different lamination methods and also (I’m a very classical guy)… croissant is always a must!! So whenever I’ll try a new recipe on lamination or other, it’s always on croissant!

What inspires you?

We have a lot of networking with a lot of oversea chefs all around the world, we use our FB/IG and get inspired by them. Ans at the same time we also share back our Asian culture so it is basically a lot of exchange and ideas on products that always include each country culture. That makes all of us very different.  

The most important question : Why do you chose or prefer Lescure?

I have tried a lot of different lamination butters in the market. I’ve tried Lescure about 5-6 years ago, at a time I was running a bakery.  Yes the cost is higher but there is no compensation in terms of flavour, taste, aroma, texture. And especially when you are doing croissant, the feeling of eating croissant, it melts in your mouth. Seriously. And when we ask our customer, the  1st thing they will tell you is : this is the best butter croissant! And then the 1st thing they will also ask : what butter you use?

And they usually reply : “How come I can’t find it in Retail”. This is what I find very unique! So we are also selling Lescure butter in our shop! Our clients buy the butter & sourdough. During our class we always give sourdough and butter to taste. When our clients try the butter, 9 of 10 will ask “what butter is this?”and we will show them it is Lescure butter. They are surprised they can’t find it in supermarkets. It makes the butter even more exclusive, this is what we want.



Flavour, taste, colour, and the smell when we bake the croissants!

If you could travel into the past to meet your younger self the very 1st day that you stepped in the kitchen, what advice would you give him?

Don’t be a baker! (laugh!)

Most important things :

  • Education is key
  • Know what you want
  • Think
  • Have the passion
  • Percictency to achieve
  • Perseverance

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