Interview with a Committed Artisan: Lim KenJay

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“Ingredients are the soul of baking, but most important is how we use our techniques to create the finished product.”

For Lim KenJay, Head Pastry Chef at the “Croisserie” bakery and pastry shop in Malaysia, artisanal expertise begins with the selection of quality raw materials, coupled with the mastery of basic artisanal techniques. That's why he chose Lescure, PDO Charentes-Poitou butter. We had the chance to exchange a few words with this Committed Artisan.

Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Lim KenJay, and I’m an executive Chef at “Croisserie”. I’ve worked at “Croisserie” since it opened in 2012 until now, so it has already been 11 years.

What is a successful Committed Artisan for you?
For me, what makes a Committed Artisan successful, is the fact that you stay focused on your daily routine. No matter how important or small the details are, you must maintain your focus. Although it seems to be the same routine, if you focus, you will see that the results are different every day.

Why did you choose Lescure,PDO Charentes-Poitou Butter?
Lescure butter gives the dough very good elasticity, so when we go to laminate, it is very uniform, and results in excellent volume for beautiful puff pastry. Lescure butter lends nice buttery flavour with pleasing nuttiness, without giving the product an oily texture. That  is why I like Lescure.

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