Twist :Make It, Twist It, Bake It !

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Twist : Make It, Twist It, Bake It !

Given the success of this new product conceptsince it was introduced in our last edition, we want you tomake it your own and imagine new variations to showcase your hand-crafted talents. In this edition, Nicolas Boussin and Maxime Guérin have developed sweet and savoury variations to showcase your know-how, with offerings that help you stand out from the crowd. Twist's versatility helps expand your pastry and snack product offering, because it can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Lescure's commitment is to accompany you on a daily basis, from the elaboration of your recipes to the promotion of your know-how in the store.  We have developed for you a special Signature edition and a step-by-step video as well as resale materials to help you promote this new recipe in your store.

So now,

Make It,

Twist It,

Bake It !

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