By Nicolas Boussin - Maxime Guérin

Recipe Sunny Side Up

To make this dish

Ingredient list

  • Almond Cream with Cream Cheese
    240 g Cream cheese Elle & Vire
    240 g Lescure Unsalted 250g butter Roll 82% fat
    300 g ground almonds
    250 g sugar
    300 g eggs
    210 g fruits confits
    20 g orange blossom
    60 oreillons de pêches
  • Croissant dough
    835 g T55 flour
    835 g T45 flour
    65 g yeast
    860 g milk
    30 g salt
    190 g sugar
    165 g Lescure Unsalted 250g butter Roll 82% fat
    1 kg Unsalted 1kg butter Sheet 84% fat
  • Assembly
    QS nappage abricot
    QS fruits secs torréfiés

The recipe, step by step

  1. 01

    Almond Cream with Cream Cheese

    Mix all of the ingredients together (except for the peach halves) to make the almond cream.

    Pipe 20g into the 6 cm diameter silicone moulds and place a half peach on top that has been coloured with a blow torch and slightly cut.

  2. 02

    Croissant dough

    Mix together the plain and strong flours, the salt, sugar, butter (cut into pieces), and the yeast which has been mixed
    together with the milk.

    Knead on the lowest speed setting for 5 minutes, then for 3 minutes on the second lowest speed setting.

    Roll into a ball and let it rise one hour. Knock back the dough and chill. Using the butter sheet, carry out a double turn then a single turn. Leave to rest in the refrigerator.

    Roll out to a thickness of 3.5 mm. 5 Cut out 10 cm wide disks (50-60g).

    Make an incision using a 7 cm pastry cutter soaked in oil.

    Leave to rise for 2 hours at 26°C. Place the almond cream with cream cheese insert.

    Bake at 175°C for 18 minutes.

  3. 03


    When removed from the oven, leave to cool.

    Brush the peach halves with an apricot glaze and arrange a few lightly roasted dried fruits.