Committed artisans

Defending the craftsmanship of bakers and pastry chefs

What is a committed artisan ?

It is an artisan who strongly upholds artisanal know-how and the choice of the raw materials they use. Both demanding and innovative, they combine their expertise with their convictions, resulting in an offer of pastries and viennoiseries that are always more well-thought-out.

Through interviews and recipes, Benoît Castel, Jeffrey Cagnes, and Cyril Gaidella talk about their day-to-day work as committed artisans and the importance of choosing a PDO butter in order to adhere to their commitments.

Committed artisans

In order to hear the message straight from artisan bakers and pastry chefs, Lescure has gathered the thoughts of several artisans who talk about their commitments.

Although each of them upholds a different commitment, they all have one common objective: supporting craftsmanship and insisting on knowing the origin of the products they use. That is why their choice of using Lescure, PDO Charentes-Poitou butter makes perfect sense. The guarantee of coming from a unique terroir and the fact that it is crafted according to historical know-how makes it the number one ally of committed artisans and their values.


Artisan Pastry Chef and Baker
Ambassadeur Lescure


Artisan Pastry Chef
Ambassadeur Lescure


Artisan Pastry Chef and Baker
founder of Zest
French Dessert Champion 2017

Nicolas’s laminated brioche

The Lescure PDO Charentes-Poitou butter The flavour of a unique terroir and historical know-how

It is essential to use PDO butter to be sure of its origin. Thanks to an exceptional terroir, Lescure PDO Charentes-Poitou butter is perfect for the preparation of your pastries and viennoiseries.

Lescure PDO Charentes-Poitou butter meets strict specifications, both in terms of where the milk comes from as well as how the butter is made.

Each step, from collecting the milk to churning the cream, including the selection of lactic ferments and how long the cream is allowed to ripen, is closely supervised in order to develop as much flavour as possible.

That is why the resulting butter is exceptional, with an unrivalled flavour of hazelnuts and a firm, yet supple texture that ensures uniformity when giving the pastry dough its turns.

Unsalted 1kg butter Sheet 84% M.G.

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