By Nicolas Boussin - Maxime Guérin

Recipe Pancakes with cinnamon, lemon & vanilla butter, and redberries

To make this dish

Ingredient list

  • Lemon & vanilla butter
    250 g Lescure Unsalted 250g butter Roll 82% fat
    1 zest lemon
    20 g icing sugar
    2 g vanilla
  • Cinnamon pancakes
    300 g milk
    250 g flour
    80 g Lescure Unsalted 250g butter Roll 82% fat
    2 eggs
    10 g baking powder
    1 pc salt
    QS cinnamon

The recipe, step by step

  1. 01

    Lemon & vanilla butter

    Soften the butter. Add the sugar, lemon zest and vanilla powder. Use a fluted nozzle to pipe the butter into a dish.

    Chef's Tip

    You can substitute suzette butter for the lemon & vanilla butter by mixing: 250 g Lescure® unsalted butter, 20 g sugar, 20 g lemon juice, orange peel, Grand Marnier®.

  2. 02

    Cinnamon pancakes

    Melt the butter. Combine the flour, baking powder, sugar and cinnamon. Add the eggs. Mix together well. Add the melted butter and the milk. Leave to rest for at least one hour. Cook each pancake in a approx. 12cm diameter frying pan.