By Nicolas Boussin - Maxime Guérin

Recipe Royal Dome

To make this dish

Ingredient list

  • Classic Puff Pastry
    310 g T45 flour
    940 g T55 flour
    25 g salt
    550 g water
    25 g vinegar
    1000 g Unsalted 1kg butter Sheet 84% fat
    125 g Lescure Unsalted 250g butter Roll 82% fat
    270 g whole milk
    70 g Lescure UHT Cream 35% fat
    50 g fine sugar
    85 g egg yolks
    17 g T55 flour
    17 g powdered cream
    40 apricot pieces
    200 g dried figs
    250 g pine nuts
    QS white sugared almonds
    200 g Lescure Unsalted 250g butter Roll 82% fat
    175 g fine sugar
    200 g eggs
    200 g almond powder
    20 g T55 flour
    175 g pastry cream
    10 g zeste de citron jaune
    500 g icing sugar
    100 g egg whites
    5 g vinegar

The recipe, step by step

  1. 01

    Classic Puff Pastry

    Using a dough hook, combine 310g of T45 our, 940g of T55 our, 25g of salt, 125g of butter cut into pieces, 25g of vinegar and 550g of water. Roll into a ball and leave to rest in the refrigerator.

    Roll out the dough and insert the Lescure 84% fat butter.

    Fold the pastry and complete six simple turns, respecting the resting time required.

  2. 02


    Make a creme patissiere using a traditional method. 

  3. 03


  4. 04


    Mix the 200g of melted butter, 175g of caster sugar and 200g of eggs, then add the 200g of ground almonds and 20g of sifted our.

    Whisk the creme patissiere at room temperature, add the 10g of lemon zest, then blend in with the mixture. Set aside in the refrigerator. 

  5. 05


    Whisk all of the ingredients together. 

  6. 06


    Roll out the puff pastry offcuts to 1.5 mm pieces and place in the refrigerator.

    Using a pastry cutter, cut to a diameter of 11 cm and place in a Silform® mould, then place in the refrigerator.

    Poach 10g of lemon frangipane cream, in the bottom, place half an apricot and 5g of dried gs cut into chunks, then cover with 15g of lemon frangipane cream.

    Sprinkle some pine nuts over to nish.

    Bake in a fan oven at 165°C / 329°F for 25 minutes.

    Leave to cool. 

    Glaze the tops of the Dômes with the royal icing, decorate with a sugared almond and then return to the fan oven to bake at 185°C / 365°F for 4 minutes. 

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