By Nicolas Boussin - Maxime Guérin

Recipe Sweet Puff Pastry Twists with a modern touch

To make this dish

Ingredient list

  • Croissant dough
    250 g T55 flour
    165 g Lescure Unsalted 250g butter Roll 82% fat
    580 g milk
    180 g sugar
    30 g salt
    1 kg T45 flour
    415 g T45 flour
    330 g milk
    65 g yeast
    1 kg Unsalted 1kg butter Sheet 84% fat
  • Flavoured Sugar
    450 g brown sugar
    5 g vanilla
    1 zest orange
    1 zest lime
    1 zest citron jaune
  • Glaze
    300 g eggs
    30 g milk
    1 g salt

The recipe, step by step

  1. 01

    Croissant dough

    Combine 250 g of strong white flour with the yeast and 330 g of milk. Add 415 g of plain flour. Leave to ferment until the flour starts to appear cracked (approx. 1h). Add the 1000 g of plain flour, salt, sugar, 580 g of cold milk and 165 g of butter. Knead at speed 1 for 3 minutes, then speed 2 for 6 minutes.
    Shape into a ball and leave to rise in a proofing cabinet at between approximately 20° to 23°C for one hour. Knock down the dough and roll out onto a 60x40 cm baking tray to chill rapidly in the freezer. Finish in the refrigerator so that the dough is very cold. Flatten the butter to cover half of the rolled out croissant dough. Fold the dough over the butter. Give a double turn then a single turn. Leave to rest in the refrigerator. Once cold, the dough can be used.

  2. 02

    Flavoured Sugar

    Finely grate the zest of the citrus fruits and combine with the unrefined cane sugar and vanilla powder. Leave to infuse.

  3. 03


    Combine the ingredients.

  4. 04

    Sweet Puff Pastry Twists

    Roll the croissant dough out to a thickness of 2.5 cm x 30 cm wide. Sprinkle the flavoured sugar on the dough and use a rolling pin to roll over
    the sugar so that it sticks to the dough. Cut out 30 cm x 3 cm wide strips. Make an incision half way along the 3 cm up to 28 cm. Fold the 2 bands on top of each other and then twist. Cut into 14 cm strips and bake in a Silform® - Oblong Shape mould REF: SF 0004 or roll into a Flexipan® Florentine mould ref: 112 Leave to rise for approximately 2h at 25°C. Glaze and bake at 165°C on a baking tray for approximately 17 minutes for the rolled puff pastry twists and 12 minutes for twisted puff pastry twists. Glaze while hot with maple syrup.

    Chef's Tip

    Don’t hesitate to use different types of sugar such as light or dark brown or muscovado.

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