By Nicolas Boussin - Maxime Guérin

Recipe The traditional King Pie

To make this dish

Ingredient list

  • Puff Pastry
    940 g T55 flour
    310 g T45 flour
    125 g Lescure Unsalted 250g butter Roll 82% fat
    1000 g Unsalted 1kg butter Sheet 84% fat
    25 g salt
    25 g vinegar
    500 g water
  • Pastry cream filling
    179 g milk
    45 g egg yolks
    36 g sugar
    9 g T55 flour
    9 g cream powder
  • Frangipane cream filling
    393 g Lescure Unsalted 250g butter Roll 82% fat
    393 g sugar
    393 g egg
    393 g ground almonds
    58 g T55 flour
    233 g pastry cream
    39 g dark rum
  • Finishing touches
    200 g egg yolks
    50 g Cream 35% Fat
    50 g milk
    SQ coffee extract

The recipe, step by step

  1. 01

    Puff Pastry

    Using the dough hook, combine the two types of flour, the butter, the salt dissolved in the vinegar and drizzle in the water.

    Shape into a ball and let rest in the refrigerator.

    Roll out the détrempe and insert the butter sheet.

    Close the dough parcel and give it its turns.

  2. 02

    Pastry cream filling

    Prepare a traditional pastry cream.

  3. 03

    Frangipane cream filling

    Cream the softened butter with the sugar.

    Add the ground almonds and flour then gradually add the eggs.

    Stir the room-temperature pastry cream, combine the two mixtures then add the warmed rum.

  4. 04

    Finishing touches

    Combine the ingredients and set aside in the refrigerator.

  5. 05

    Assembly and baking

    Perform 5 single turns, letting the dough rest between turns.

    Roll the dough to a thickness of 2 mm and cut into Ø26 cm circles.

    Let rest.

    Pipe 450 g of frangipane into a Ø20 cm circle on a sheet of baking paper and freeze.

    Place a frangipane insert in the centre of a puff pastry circle.

    Moisten the edges by brushing with a little water.

    Place another circle of puff pastry on top.

    Turn the king pie over, brush three times with egg wash (refrigerating for 30 minutes between applications).

    Score in a Pithiviers or chevron pattern.

    Prick and bake in a 170°C convection oven for approximately 50 minutes.

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