By Joaquin Soriano

Recipe Twist Saint Honoré

To make this dish

Ingredient list

  • Croissant dough
    900,4 g T45 flour
    20,3 g whole eggs
    20,8 g salt
    126 g fine sugar
    18,9 g frozen dry yeast
    430 g water
    90 g Unsalted 1kg butter Sheet 84% fat
    500 g Unsalted 1kg butter Sheet 84% fat
  • Cocoa dough
    250 g croissant dough
    12,9 g cocoa powder
    17,1 g water
  • Vanilla chantilly
    222 g Lescure UHT Cream 35% fat
    70 g fine sugar
    2 pincées vanilla pods
    22,5 g water for dissolving the gelatine
    4,5 g gelatine powder (200 Bloom)
    588 g Lescure UHT Cream 35% fat
  • Caramel
    227,3 g fine sugar
    90,9 g glucose syrup 38DE
    45,5 g water
    136,4 g isomalt
  • Choux pastry
    100 g Whole milk 3,6%MG
    105 g water
    2,5 g fine sugar
    2,5 g salt
    100 g Lescure Unsalted 250g butter Roll 82% fat
    50 g Farine T65
    50 g T45 flour
    175 g egg
  • Vanilla flan
    59 g egg yolks
    307,9 g Whole milk 3,6%MG
    82,1 g Lescure UHT Cream 35% fat
    1 pinch vanilla pods
    61,6 g fine sugar
    25,7 g corn starch
    0,4 g salt

The recipe, step by step

  1. 01

    Croissant dough

    In a mixing bowl with a hook attachment mix the flour, the salt, the sugar, the whole egg, the cubeb butter and the dry yeast during ten minutes, speed 1. Then, six minutes speed 2. Separate the mass for the cocoa dough and wrap the second one and let to rise for 40 minutes. Store in blast freezer for 30 minutes and store in fridge 30 minutes.

  2. 02

    Cocoa dough

    Mix all together and form a ball and let to rise for 20 minutes. Store in blast freezer for 30 minutes and store in the fridge 30 hours.

  3. 03

    Vanilla chantilly

    Heat the cream with the sugar to 60°c. Add the gelatin mass mix until she's totally melted. Pour the hot cream over the cold cream and emulsify with a hand blender Let rest overnight in a Chiller +4°C.

  4. 04


    Caramelized the sugar with the glucose until the glob color. Deglaze with the isomalt melted with the water and cook again until 170°C.

  5. 05

    Choux pastry

    Bring to boil the water, the milk, the sugar, the salt and the butter together. Sieve the flour into the mixing bowl. Pour the hot liquid into the mixing bowl and mix fast. Put back into the pot and dry the mass few seconde. Pour back into the mixing bowl and start to dry the medium speed of the robot. Blend and sieve the fresh whole eggs and add 1/3 directly into the mass and mix. Add a little of egg everytime until your mass is homogeneous. Pipe or store in a fridge. 

  6. 06

    Vanilla flan

    Mix the cornstarch, the sugar and the salt together into a bowl. Pour a 1/3 of milk with egg yolk into the dry extract, then mix. Bring to boil the milk, the cream and the vanilla together ( Let infuse during 15 minutes). Strain the hot liquid and pour in the egg yolk.Mix, pour back to the pot and bring to boil. With a hand blender emulsify and homogenous the mass. Pour the mold and store in a blast freezer.

  7. 07


    The eve prepare the vanilla Chantilly and let rest overnight into a chiller +4°C. Realize the croissant dough with in respect all of the steps in the mixing process until the layering process. Do a double turn and a single turn.  Meanwhile and between, each step of the croissant production, realize the vanilla flan and pour the mass into a 43mm half sphere mold. Store in a blast freezer. Prepare the choux pastry and pipe a small chou on a silicon mat. Bake in a convection oven 170°C, 40 minutes, fan OFF, then 10 minutes LOW fan. Before the proofing process, "Twist" your croissant dough, detailed to the size, 2cm large, 20 cm long and 4mm thickness. Proof 27°C to 1h30 minutes. Before baking, deposit the frozen flan in the center of the croissant and bake 15 minutes, 170°C, high fan, trigger ON. When the "Twist “is lukewarm, deposit a caramelized chou on the top and pipe the Chantilly over and decorate with another one chou. 

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