Traditional King Pie

Drawing inspiration from traditional pastries

Let’s share the King Pie tradition!

Lescure tells you the story of the King Pie and invites you to innovate using tradition by giving you the keys to reinterpreting this classic of French culinary culture. Vary the fillings, create glazes and finishing touches according to your preferences and showcase the King Pie in your shop!

Enjoying the King Pie is as important as the ritual that accompanies it. So discover the origin of the figurine and the paper crown in our booklet.

The traditional King Pie
By Nicolas Boussin
Executive Pastry Chef at La Maison de l’Excellence Savencia® & Best Pastry Craftsman (MOF) in 2000 in France

Our step-by-step King Pie recipe

Sharing his knowledge and artisanal tips with you, Nicolas Boussin, pastry Chef and winner of One of the Best Craftsmen in France for Pastry in 2000, shares his King Pie recipe and passes on his know-how with you, allowing you to reinvent and reinterpret this emblematic recipe in French patisserie to your heart's content.
Discover his method for making all the preparations that make the King Pie a noble and unique pastry. Its moist filling, crisp puff pastry featuring delicious buttery flavour, glazes and finishing touches will hold no secrets for you.

Find more details about the steps involved in making King Pie with a series of thematic videos on Lescure’s Instagram page.


Even if the artisan’s handiwork remains a secret, the key ingredient is without a doubt butter. Prized by the top pastry chefs and bakers in France (MOF), Lescure PDO Charentes-Poitou butter sheet offers incredible plasticity for giving the dough its turns and lends exceptional flavour to the pastry and the filling.

Charentes-Poitou butter PDO, Lescure meets strict specifications, both in terms of where the milk comes from as well as how the butter is made.

Each step, from collecting the milk to churning the cream, including the selection of lactic ferments and how long the cream is allowed to ripen, is closely supervised in order to develop maximum flavour.

That is why the resulting butter is exceptional, with an unrivalled flavour of hazelnuts and a firm yet supple texture that ensures uniformity when giving the pastry dough its turns.

Unsalted 1kg butter Sheet 84% fat


Promote this tradition to your customers and share your choice of « homemade » products made with noble ingredients including Charentes-Poitou PDO butter, Lescure.

Lescure can provide you with support with this turnkey kit to share this tradition – and your know-how - with your customers

  • Leaflets
    to hand out at the cash desk so that your customers can learn about the ritual for enjoying the King Pie.
  • Crowns
    to give to your customers when they purchase a King Pie.
  • Lescure figurines
    to insert in your King Pies.
  • Bags or sachets
    to package your in-house-made King Pies in style and ensuring their protection.

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